I founded my own business, The Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide, over 10 years ago and quickly realised that running a business without promoting it was like winking in the dark. As a sole trader, I found I was doing the job of five people all day, everyday, so I had to find ways to work smarter.

I have used the knowledge gained over the past 10 years in launching and running a successful business to help and coach other business owners in their own businesses. Sometimes, we all need a helping hand to reinvigorate our passion and drive; sometimes, we all hit a wall; sometimes, we need a sounding board to help us refocus our time and energy; sometimes, we need someone to redirect the roadmap of our business to get us back on a course to engage and excel!

Please do get in touch if you feel you might benefit from some business coaching. We’ll have an initial no obligation chat to see if we would be a good fit for each other and if so, we’ll schedule in three monthly face-to-face meetings at which we’ll set goals together to help you in your business. You can find more information on how business coaching works HERE.

I am also available to help with writing web copy, blog posts, social media management or event consultancy for your business. I look forward to hearing from you and would love to help you engage and excel in your business.