We run Social Media Workshops on Using Social Media Better in Business on a one-to-one or small group basis.

Small business owners often ask how to engage their business more with on-line followers. They are unsure why they should be using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for their business; are unsure where to start; do not know how to increase followers, or indeed, are unsure what, when or how often to post. We have put together two hour Workshops delivered in a small group setting as well as offering, one-to-one training at your home or place of business to address those issues.

During our Workshops you actually get to work on your own social media pages then and there, instead of going away with great theory but then have no time to put it into practice.

Please note: Our Workshops are not aimed at business owners who currently use social media well as a business tool as we are not in the business of teaching anyone’s Granny to suck eggs!

Depending on the social media focus for the Workshop, we cover:

  • Why you want or need to have a Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest account for your business?
  • How and when you currently use Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest, if at all, for your business?
  • Strategies for using Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest for your business
  • Suggestions possible tweets/ posts/ images tailored to your own business
  • The jargon of each platform
  • Ways to gain more followers

What the Suppliers from our Twitter Workshops said:

“I felt the content was judged perfectly for my (lack of) ability and I now feel confident to use Twitter as another marketing tool to spread our business name, hopefully gaining more recognition from other Suppliers, and securing more bookings. As I have next to no experience with using Twitter I was concerned I may feel slightly intimidated, but at no point was I made to feel embarrassed for asking what were probably ‘stupid’ questions. M.T. is so approachable and friendly at the same time as being knowledgeable and professional, and her manner is perfect for creating an excellent learning atmosphere where participants were also able to share ideas and queries. I’m delighted to have a few new followers already and to have had some of my posts retweeted!! Looking forward to the next event!”
Siobhan, Amarone Music

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday.  The course was great and covered everything I need to know to get started! Looking forward to putting in all into practice and growing my Twitter business! Thank you.”
Kylie, The Aisle

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Twitshop and found it fun and very informative- based at a level I could keep up with and understand! A very quick two hours! The set up was ideal for me, I would definately be interested in any further social media events you may be planning.”
Leslely, Pamper & Polish

“I just wanted to say thank you for this morning, it was nice and relaxed. I liked the small group as I didn’t feel silly asking questions. The set up could not have worked better. Timing was just right and overall the group was nice and relaxed which made me feel comfortable enough to ask blonde questions.”
Emma, Rennick Wedding Cars

What the Suppliers from our Facebook Workshops said:

“I really enjoyed it and have come away inspired to put some more time aside for Facebook to try and use it more effectively as a business tool. The workshop more than met my expectations although I have to confess to having been slightly apprehensive about it beforehand! I felt the content was pitched just right, not too basic but not too complicated and was really well prepared and presented. I definitely feel more confident about using Facebook now and would be interested in a follow up session.”
Lindsay, Sixpenny Blue

“What a great session! I felt that the workshop exceeded my expectations and highlighted HUGE gaps in my knowledge and awareness of using Facebook. However you didn’t just point out the flaws, you told us how to fix them. I could have sat through a day’s worth of that session and I would definitely be interested in a follow-up course. Thanks again to you for de-mystifying FB – wish I had done this months ago now!”
Annie, AniMac Design

“I found the training very useful and learnt a lot from this morning about how to get the most out of my posts and when is the best time to post. I would definitely be interested in a follow up course as there is so much to learn. I will definitely pay more attention to my insights and reach on Facebook now I know what it all means! A Twitter course would also be very helpful as I haven’t got a clue about Twitter! Thank you again for all your help, I don’t know where I’d be without you!”
Kylie, The Aisle

Do get in touch for details of our next Social Media Workshops to or drop us a line if there is something you would be interested in us covering! We are always happy to come to you to fit in with your work schedule so please, don’t be afraid to ask. With more than 20,000 followers across our social media platforms, we do hope you will let us share some of our expertise with you!