9 Ways to Up Your Instagram Game

Social media marketing is a fluid tool as social platforms constantly update to improve their use. Instagram is no different and is consistently testing and changing features. So what can you do to try to up your Insta game whilst we wait for the next algorithm update? Here are some quick tips:

Engage with Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to using any social media platform is simply posting your content, photos and videos and failing to actually engage with your audience. If someone comments on your post, be sure to at least acknowledge that comment with a like. People appreciate companies that go out of their way to engage with them. Like and comment on your followers’ posts too.

Stay on Brand

Make sure your brand comes through on your Instagram feed. Be consistent with the logos and colours you use and stay on point with your brand’s message.

Geotag Your Images

Images with locations reportedly perform 79% better than regular posts. Adding a location adds an element of extra knowledge that people are interested in finding out.

Go Beyond Photos

Instagram is a visual platform, it is a place for photographs so make sure your images are sharp and focussed. You can also record video to share with your audience and try out apps like Boomerang which allows you to create mini videos in a loop that you can share on your feed.

Share Behind the Scenes

Instagram stories are the easiest way to give an insight into the world behind your brand. You can share behind the scenes images which are maybe not as perfect as the ones you show on your main grid but which give your followers a greater awareness of what your brand is all about.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is said to improve your engagement by at least 12%. Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags on a post. There are various schools of thought which suggest using all 30 to gain the greatest engagement and those which suggest using around 5 hashtags. I have the most engagement on posts when I use between 10 – 20 hashtags.

Study which hashtags work well but at the same time, only choose hashtags that make sense to the kind of content you put out.

Post at the right time

Use your Instagram Insights to get a feel for when your followers are online. It is important to post when you know your followers are awake and searching for content in order to engage them with your new content.

Be Consistent

Posting consistently builds a good relationship between you and your followers. If you are posting good content and images, then your followers will come to expect regular updates from you.

Make a social media schedule for yourself and be consistent with it. The more you post, the more you give your followers and potential followers a chance to be persuaded and influenced by your brand.

Promote Others 

By giving a shout-out to fellow businesses that you know, use and trust, you can create positive social media relationships. You are directing your followers to other accounts which they might like to follow based on your recommendation. The hope would be that at some stage, those businesses might give you a shout out too and so bring new followers to your feed.

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