What Does Your Brand Say?

What does your brand say about your business? The key function of your brand is to communicate to your clients that you are credible, reliable and trustworthy. If you want them to part with their money, you need to make sure that they can trust you and that is what your brand should convey.

Your brand is not your logo. That said, your logo, branding colours and typefaces should be consistent across your website, all online platforms and printed media. A potential customer should identify and connect with your brand when they access it via twitter, or facebook, or your website, or a magazine advert, or a banner at a trade show or indeed when you hand them your business card. Be consistent across all on and offline platforms with your branding.

Your brand though goes much deeper than just logo recognition. Your brand is your customers’ perception of your business: it is what they feel and think when they see your branding. It is the message of your values as a business. It is your promise to your customers: it tells them what they can expect from your business.

Customers connect with brands where they feel an emotive reaction. A strong brand can promote loyalty to your business. Having a good brand eliminates the need to compete on price alone. 

Take the example of Apple. Apple’s branding strategy focuses on emotions. It is centered around a person’s lifestyle, imagination, passion, hopes, dreams and aspirations, and it aims to empower people through technology. The Apple brand aims to make people’s lives easier and it is a company with a genuine connection with its consumers. When you buy an iPhone, you are not just buying a mobile phone: you are buying simplicity and connectedness. You also paid a premium for it. In fact, research has shown that iPhone technology is actually behind the industry standards. Yet, consumers are willing to pay a premium for sub-par technology because they love the brand. Apple’s branding is emotive and engenders loyalty.

When customers look at your brand, what do they feel?

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